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Gettysburg Battlefield Guide Reservations

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What is a Licenced Guide?

Gettysburg National Military Park Authorized Tour Guides

  • Gettysburg Licensed Battlefield Guides are licensed and regulated by the National Park Service.
  •  They are the ONLY legally allowed persons to conduct Gettysburg battlefield tours, escorting visitors around the park for a fee.

The Guides we work with are highly recommended over Facebook, Trip Advisor, Yelp, Google Business, Yahoo and Bing

Gettysburg Licensed Guide Eric Lindblade, member Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides

  • This makes them highly requested when calling to inquire at the Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides office; Requests are written with your Reservation, you are not guaranteed your requested Gettysburg tour guide .
  • No phone calls to leave messages to be called back. Click BOOK NOW, Pay via credit card, and DONE!
  • You can request specific themed Gettysburg Battlefield tours or request a specific Gettysburg Tour Guide when booking your Tour! Requests can be made at 717-476-7428.

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When not Guiding our Carriages or Horseback tours, our team of Guides have available times for Private Car Tours

Gettysburg Licensed Guide Timmothy Bassett, member Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides

  • We are making it easier for Visitors to Gettysburg to book Private Gettysburg battlefield tours on shorter notice with one of our Licensed Battlefield Guides.
  • Same day booking ARE possible, they ARE LISTED and bookable at the lowest price in Gettysburg. 
  • Giving guests the power choose a time, book and pay- all within our online Calendar.
  • Reservations for your Gettysburg Tour are quick, secure and immediate into available 2 hour Car Tour openings. Additional hours can be added to tours when booing. 
  • Gettysburg tour guides combine history tours and sightseeing tours to give an amazing personalized look at the battlefield then and now.

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Standard Guide Rates at Gettysburg National Military Park

When making your reservation you may request special topics and specific areas of the Battlefield to concentrate on during your tour. Your Guide will contact you with any questions or Clarification.